About Us

Sick of bureaucratic multi channel networks (MCNs) and old-fashioned agencies? Don’t wait to get to know us! With DK71, we combine the best of both worlds: the expertise and service of a traditional agency/MCN and the flexibility of a young, yet experienced team. We hate canned solutions and stiff structures, but we love social media and specially YouTube as much as you do.

That’s why, we’ve decided to go down a different road: No matter if you’re an advertiser or an artist – we provide you with a full stack of custom-tailored solutions that let you reach your individual goals in an efficient way. There’re only two things you shouldn’t expect from us: empty talk as well as pages and pages of contracts. And that’s much more than just a promise!

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For Advertisers

Spend your marketing budget in the most efficient way

It’s not by chance that influencer marketing is one of today’s most efficient marketing channels: Millions of consumers follow their idols on social media, watch their videos, interact with their postings and turn them into adored and very influential trendsetters. With our help, you can use this immense potential to achieve your marketing and sales goals.

Are you looking for a YouTube artist who fits with your product and can genuinely feature it in his YouTube videos, Facebook and Instagram posts and/or live sessions on Twitch? Do you want us to create a campaign that gets your target-group excited for your message and products? Or do you want to book one of our artists as a guest for your TV show or event? Whatever it is – just let us know your idea and we are happy to come up with a custom-tailored solution.

Our Clients

For Artist

Do what you love – we take care of the rest

YouTube has never been as thrilling and challenging as in our days. While more and more people get attracted by YouTube, you as an artist are faced with two challenges: You need to produce outstanding content to gain an active community. And you need to find further revenue streams to earn your keep. That’s where we come in: As your partner in crime we take care of the business part and let you focus on what you really love: creating great content and interacting with your community.

With DK71, we offer you the full service of a management but don’t bother you with all its downsides: We are specialized in the acquisition and handling of advertising cooperations and bookings and can also take care of your copyright claims, social media marketing and press relations. For us, there’s only one golden rule: We don’t want you to sell us your soul. To get part of our network, you won’t need to commit yourself for many years. DK71 is based on trust, not on contracts. Sounds interesting?


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