The entire world of influencer marketing

Reviews – the gold standard

Engage one or more influencers to feature your product in a standalone YouTube video or post on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, or their blog. You have the option to specify which product features you want the influencer to focus on, and you can also set the timing of the post. This way, you can generate guaranteed reach and awareness at the launch of a new product or service, for example.

Placements – the native way

Placements are the little brother of reviews: Influencers integrate your product into a thematically appropriate YouTube video, a stream on Twitch or a post on Instagram, Tiktok & Co. The scope is negotiable and you can define talking points. However, other parameters such as the time of publication can not always be controlled. As placements are cheaper than reviews, they are well suited if your budget is a bit smaller.

Targeted seeding campaigns

You want to create maximum brand awareness right at the launch? Then a targeted seeding campaign could be a very effective tool: We find influencers who reach your target group and sample them with your product. This way, you gain visibility in a very organic way and increase interest in your product even before it is released.

Celebrities for your event
Stars fascinate people and add that certain something to events – at a meet and greet, as a speaker or a guest. We will be happy to book the right celebrity for your event, who will make your event even more unique. No matter if it is a company event, or an opening of a store, club or restaurant – we let you shine like a diamond.

Improve your partner program
With Click Genius, we have created a tool that allows advertisers to work with selected influencers on a 100% performance-based model. Click Genius is a Premium Publisher Network that influencers and bloggers use to monetize their content through affiliate marketing. Add Click Genius as a publisher today to get access to opinion-leading influencers and bloggers.

The whole world of marketing
Off-the-shelf solutions are not always the way to go, and not all goals can be reached with influencer marketing. If we notice that your goals are better achieved in other ways, we will advise you accordingly. We work closely with our sister agency, Network Genius, and can provide you with comprehensive marketing solutions to effectively achieve your goals.


DK71 is much more than just another influencer marketing agency

DK71 is one of the oldest owner-managed agencies for influencer marketing in the German-speaking world. We combine many years of experience in the conception and implementation of influencer marketing campaigns with the flexibility that only an owner-managed company can offer you.

Give us a try today. We would like to convince you with our rich experience from well over 1,000 successfully completed campaigns and our particularly agile way of working, which perfectly adapts to your needs.

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Benefit from our deep experience in influencer relation management

The human factor is crucial to success in influencer marketing, because after all, influencer marketing is about finding people who convince other people of your company and your products. And this is exactly where our strength lies: we have long-standing contacts with the most important influencers and know exactly how to communicate with them to get the best conditions and results.

When you work with DK71, you benefit from our experience and contacts – from the selection of suitable influencers and the briefing to the implementation and evaluation of your influencer marketing campaign.

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Working with DK71 is that easy

We know how challenging your day-to-day work can be. That's why we've designed processes and workflows that make your influencer marketing campaign as effective as possible.

Tell us more about your goals, your target group and how much budget you have for your campaign. Based on this information we will send you an individual offer, which is the basis for our cooperation.

The right choice of influencers is crucial for the success of the campaign: We screen the market for you and suggest influencers who perfectly match your goals and your budget.

We take care of a smooth implementation of the campaign - from the acquisition and briefing of the influencers to the handling of the products and the monitoring of the timing and answering of possible queries.

We send you a detailed report with all results and discuss the outcome of your campaign with you. This way, you can see for yourself how successful your influencer marketing campaign was.

We thank these partners, among others, for their trust and successful collaboration


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With our creativity and our excellent contacts to the most relevant influencers, we will implement a well thought-out influencer marketing campaign for you that will help you achieve your goals in a quick and effective way.